Gaming the Tibby

Client: Sandwell MBC – Safer Stronger Communities Unit – Midlands Architecture and the Designed Environment (MADE)

Brief: Following the completion of the ‘My Space on the Tibby’ project Sandwell Council wanted to build on the successful pilot and undertake a more comprehensive consultation exercise such that young people on the Tibbington Estate can more effectively feed into the masterplanning exercise planned to take place in the Spring of 2009.

Solution: In response to this a project plan was drawn up based on a three-stage model encompassing activities relevant to the target group i.e. engagement, embedded learning and neighbourhood planning. The primary target of the project was those young people categorised as being NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) with an additional requirement to recruit residents from other parts of the local community.

A wide range of activities were undertaken with various groups including primary and secondary schools, community centres, youth clubs and at events organised by John Thompson and Partners, the company appointed to undertake the neighbourhood planning exercise and F Squared, the organisation appointed to carry out the community consultation exercise.

Computer games sessions were used to engage with young people (via our sister company LearnPlay Foundation) and this led to them, along with their friends, neighbours and family, being much more aware of the neighbourhood planning exercise and therefore more likely to participate in it.

Outcome: Over 200 individuals were engaged on to the programme and fed into the neighbourhood planning exercise. This significantly exceeded the targets set for the project.

Of these a group of NEET young people went on to complete and achieve an ASDAN Activity Award and a further group of residents went on the complete and achieve an ASDAN Active Citizenship Award. In many cases this was the first award they had ever received and this has led to vastly increased confidence and motivation to go on and do other things.

Partnerships were forged with many local organisations including Murray Hall Community Trust, Sandwell Homes, Summerhill Primary School, Alexandra High School and Sixth Form College, Tipton Christian Church, and Sandwell MBC Housing Partnerships.

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