Heart of England – DNA Case Study

The company was recently featured in a set of case studies put together by the Heart of England Tourist Board to show the range of skills and expertise within the region. The case study summary stated:

The Walsall-based business is working on an interactive learning technology project called ‘Kliper’ which teaches schoolchildren about physics in a fun but absorbing way. Issues covered include such physics phenomena as gravity, inertia, mass and collision dynamics all explained as the user tries to dock the spacecraft with the International Space Station.

Director Geoff Henderson said: “We’ve been working closely with Professor Bob Stone of the University of Birmingham to show that serious gaming techniques have a role to play in education and training. Much of what we do is based around showing how important and powerful a tool serious gaming can be in so many different aspects of life and that it has a major contribution to make in the real world.”

The company which was set up in 2006 and, as well as teaching physics in a virtual setting also uses serious games technology in the physical world. Starting out with a small scale test project it has developed solutions that work in the area of planning and urban design and that allow residents to experiment and interact with 3D models to present their ideas on what they would like their neighbourhood to look like.

In recognition of this new approach to urban design the company was awarded the Innovation Award 2008 by Ordnance Survey for the creative way in which their data was used.

Geoff added: “Our core mission is to convince people of the merits of serious gaming.”

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